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Relitto Agelika (The Agelika Wreck)
Meda Verde
Corallo Nero (Dark Coral)
La grotta della cernia (Groupers' Cave)
La Balena (The whale)
La Marmorata
Monte Regalo
Punta Contessa
Secca del Cristo
Le Ancore (The anchor)
Secca del Diavolo di Greco
Secca del Diavolo di Libeccio
Lavezzi Piramide
Lavezzi Merouville
Lavezzi Sigaro
Relitto di Spargi (The Spargi Wreck)

“CORALLO NERO” – "Gerardia Savaglia"
Depth: 37 m - Difficulty: medium/high

Just 1 mile from Diving, somes minutes for the navigation, you can found a 40 metres deep a enormous granite rock 10 metres high whit a very big Gerardia Savaglia (black coral). His size is an half metre high. Around you can admire a lot of red gorgonias, lobsters, morey eels and brown meagres.
This dive is one of the best diving attraction in the area.

“MEROUVILLE” – "La Città delle Cernie di Lavezzi"
Depth: 24 m - Difficulty: medium/low

About 6.5 miles a NNE of S. Teresa Gallura, in the marine park Lavezzi.
It is a fascinating incredible and unforgettable sight.
During the dive you found yourself surrounded by pack of breams and dentexes, who accompany you to a depth of 20 metres, where tens of groupers wait for you – they can reach up to 35 kg in weight – They come to meet you to welcome you.
Amongst the granite rocks and multicoloured gorgonias you can admire morey eels, brown meagres and dentexes. The groupers follow you during your dive and they are the characteristic element of this dive.